NO*Lindudóttir Birmans

My name is Linda Björk Óðinsdóttir, and I live in Strömstad along with my three Birmans, Leyla, Penny & Linus. I was born and raised on Iceland, but moved to Norway back in 2010, and in 2019, I moved right across the border between Norway and Sweden.

Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted a purebred cat of my own – a wish that surfaced when I was a child, helping my mother through every stage of a cat show with our two Persians. There's not a lot of breeds to choose between on Iceland, so when I moved to Norway, I found myself in the need of doing a bit of research. All I knew, was that I wanted a cat with a light coloured or white fur, and a breed that was both social and with a good temperament.

That's how I stumbled across the Sacred Birman

Linus, my redtabby-pointed Birman-boy, moved in with me towards the end of 2016. After first visiting his breeder, I absolutely fell in love with him, and we immediately connected. He was everything I had wished for, and the following year I brought him to a cat show, which is how I, after a while, got in touch with Tove and Jan Stalder. They were looking for a host home for a girl to keep in their cattery, and the first time I laid eyes on the little girl, I was in love. Leyla is her name, and she moved in with me and Linus in August 2017. 

The two of them are best friend – they play together, sleep together, eat side by side, and they follow me everywhere I go. Leyla's breeders wanted her to be shown at cat shows, and that was the start for my adventure, which I thought would be attending the shows close to where I lived, but turned out to be travelling all around Norway, Sweden and Denmark. 

Leyla had her first litter under her breeders' cattery name last year, where I was lucky enough to get one of the girls, Penny. She is absolutely lovely, and I'm so proud to say she will be the starting point for my cattery.

If you want to learn more about me, my cats, and my thoughts and wishes for my cattery and the future of the Birman-breed, feel free to contact me.