NO*Lindudóttir Birmans

News from the Cattery

4th of December 2021 – Adelkatten's annual christmas-show

Every year, the cat club Adelkatten hosts a christmas show. Cages are decorated for the season, the showers are wearing holiday themed sweaters, and the snow is falling outside. Due to COVID, the show hadn't been hosted since December 2019, and as they now got ready to host again, it was at Stangehallen; a larger show arena than the usual Letohallen.

People were visibly ready to get started showing again, with the impressive amount of cats entered! On Saturday, over 70 Birmans were entered to the show and almost everyone were present! This resulted in the chance of a very special Birman breed Best in Show, and I was very proud to have both Leyla and Awais nominated!

Awais attended his second ever show, and was awarded his third CAC (and with that, the title Champion) from Raymond Sætre, who nominated him for the intact male panel. Anne Veland awarded Leyla with her CAGPIB, a nomination for the neutered female panel, and was also among the judges who voted for her, awarding her a Best in Show!

Sunday, the day after, Awais was awarded his first CACIB, but met tough competition in an older redpointed Birman male, who won the nomination, but I am so proud of my boy for coping so well with being shown! Leyla was shown for Karl Preiss, who loved her! He awarded her a CAGPIB, and nominated her in competition with a bluetortiepointed girl, and was among the judges who voted for her in the panel, awarding her the Best in Show!

It was a wonderful weekend spent at Stange, with good friends, and I am very excited for the next show and the next chance to meet everybody again.

13th of November 2021 – Leyla is International Premior

With her certificates from Västsvenska Kattklubben and the World Winner Show, Leyla had obtained two of the three certificates she needed for her next title; International Premior. The third and last was given to her by judge Bette Lind at Elfsborgskatten, and Leyla can now proudly add the title IP to her name.

30th of October 2021 – We went to the World Show

Together with Leyla's breeder, Jan Stalder, I headed to Italy for the World Winner Show, hosted by ANFI (the Italian federation). I brought Leyla, and we had an absolutely fantastic experience! She obtained her CAPIB, but was also nominated by judge Veikko Saarela.

The Best in Show panel was the following day, and while she wasn't awarded a Best in Show and a World Winner-title, I am so proud of her for qualifying for the panel! It was nervewrecking, and wonderful, and such a proud moment to see her in the panel at the World Winner Show!

18th of September 2021 – Leyla reached a new title

During Västsvenska Kattklubben's show, Leyla obtained her third and final CAP to achieve the title Premior. This is her first title as a neutered female. On the second part of the show, she obtained her first CAPIB – but on both shows, she was nominated and voted Best in Show by the judges!

13th of September 2021 – Leyla is now officially mine

When Leyla moved in with me and Linus in 2017, I was her hostmum while her breeders, Tove & Jan, was her owners and got to use her in their breeding programme. After her last litter, (NO*Stalderkattens T-litter), she was neutered, and I made the deal with them that she would remain theirs until she had achieved the DSM-title.

This was achieved during Sunnmørskatten's show, and I am now the proud owner of Leyla in all ways possible.

12th of September 2021 – Awais made his show debut

During Sunnmørskatten's show, I got to show an offspring from my very first litter! Due to COVID, shows had been halted for a year and a half, and I was not able to show Awais until September 2021, when he was just a month shy of turning one year old – and he was already classed as an adult in the show world.

However, he took the show with ease and behaved perfectly! I am so proud of my boy, who kickstarted his show-career with achieving his two first certificates in class 9, as well as being nominated by judge Sabine Mösch – and in the panel he was voted Best in Show!

He is still young, and far from fully developed, but is already an impressive male, and I am very excited for future shows with him.

12th of September 2021 – Leyla reached the title DSM!

I am so proud of my Leyla, who reached her title Distinguished Show Merit with her Best in Shows at Sunnmørskatten's show. To reach this title, a cat has to reach at least 10 Best in Shows during their adult life (these can be taken as fertile, neuter or both), but the title cannot be reached until 2 years and 1 day after the very first Best in Show.

Leyla had 16 Best in Shows prior to Sunnmørskatten, the first achieved in February 2018 – and with her 17th Best in Show, she achieved the DSM-title. I'm so proud to call her mine, and even more proud that she, as a tortiepointed Birman, has been able to achieve this!

Thank you again to Tove & Jan Stalder for trusting me with this wonderful girl!

12th of December 2020 – New Instagram

I have now added a social media, and you can find me and the cattery on Instagram. The profile can be found by searching lindudottir_cattery, or by following the link here.

9th of November 2020 – Banners for my cattery

A big thank you to Rebekka Løkke, who made two gorgeous banners for my cattery! Feel free to use one of them if you wish to link back to my page.

27st of October 2020 – My first litter is born

My wonderful girl, NO*Stalderkattens Penny, gave birth to 4 beautiful Birman babies; 3 girls and 1 boy. The father of the litter is GIC NO*Stalderkattens Jackpot, a sealpointed boy owned by Penny's breeders, Tove & Jan Stalder. I'm excited to see how they develop!

23rd of August 2020 – New website!

My very own website is now up and running! Here you can find plans for my cattery, results from shows, and it will be an extra platform where people can read about me, my cats, what I wish to achieve with my breeding, as well as a good way to get in touch with me.

22nd of August 2020 – Worldwide Digital Birman Show

I entered both Leyla and Penny to a digital Birman Show hosted by the National Birman Fanciers from USA. The Best of the Best were announced through a live-meeting on Zoom, and I was delighted to see Leyla place as number 9 for the BOB among all the beautiful Birmans entered to the Championship-class.

21st of June – Facebook page is up and running!

The Facebook page for my cattery is now up and running. You can find it by searching Lindudóttir Sacred Birman Cattery, or by following the link here.

30th of March 2020 – My cattery name was approved!

After having wanted to start my own cattery for a while, and having my application go back and forth a few times, I finally got the good news: my very own cattery name, NO*Lindudóttir, was approved by NRR and FIFe on the 30th of March! 

I am super excited to finally have a cattery name of my own, and I can't wait to start planning the future for my very own cattery!